A comparable burdened relationship that is following passed down and frequent anywhere between Lourdes and you may Pilar

A comparable burdened relationship that is following passed down and frequent anywhere between Lourdes and you may Pilar

“My cousin and i label the mommy “not-Mama.” As with perhaps not-Mama charred brand new poultry and that is cursing on kitchen area. Not-Mama try to relax and play you to definitely record once again, dance by herself at night. Watch out, not-Mama was impact disappointed to possess herself…” (pg 121).

Felicia lifetime an unequal and you will crazy existence. She marries three other guys, one of whom she will not think https://kissbrides.com/fr/femmes-honduriennes/ of conference. She disappears for a time, of course she comes back she tells their unique story regarding waking right up in a not known sleep, iliar guy. This is exactly their own 2nd husband. Her third, she marries and extremely following affect forces your from an effective rollercoaster so you can his demise. She is likely to blackouts because of their bipolar disorder, that’ll was in fact brought on by syphilis the father regarding their own pupils provided their unique, however it is also essential to keep in mind one to their particular mother, Celia, possess a nervous summary of her very own shortly after Lourdes’ birth. Unfortunately, Felicia passes away appropriate she production household regarding their own disappearance, giving the viewer the sensation one to she try never ever supposed to get a hold of their feeling of that belong.

He confesses so you can leaving their unique soon after they were partnered to his personal mommy, so you can discipline their particular for having a Language mate just before your

Lourdes discovers off Felicia’s demise out of their father, the past date she will consult with your. Felicia “was unfortunate when she passed away” (pg. 196), Jorge tells her. The guy along with informs explains so you’re able to Lourdes as to the reasons Celia is constantly very severe with her from the beginning. Once the book goes on, it’s obvious you to previous traumas are not only mutual, he is handed down away from one generation to another, destined to repeat themselves.

As previously mentioned, both biggest themes within the Thinking during the Cuban try code and issue out-of home and you will belonging. So what does it mean to own a code? Precisely what does they indicate to have a property, or even feel your fall in somewhere? These represent the issues that each and every key profile inside the the brand new unique query themselves, over and over.

To own Celia, their particular residence is inside the Cuba, where she’s transformed by herself on the a loyal follower regarding Fidel Castro. She decides to stay static in Cuba, no matter if their own partner moves on Us. She remains, even though her eldest daughter and you can earliest granddaughter circulate aside. To possess Celia del Pino, she feels where she belongs into the Cuba, support El Lider, and you can talking their particular Cuban Foreign language.

Jorge wishes Lourdes to understand that Celia performed, in fact, love their unique, it is partially his fault into the burdened dating they have

For Lourdes, her residence is in the united states. She finds a unique sense of that belong in the usa and also in this new English vocabulary she’s used. It’s here in which she actually is decided to go to because of the their unique dad, in which this lady has managed to reinvent herself, where she will pursue their particular personal “Western Fantasy”. In the event their unique daughter cannot see their own, it’s just in going to help you The usa you to definitely she actually is in a position to leave this new memories off her criminal attack in which she lost a baby. It is just throughout the dozens and dozens out of gooey buns she eats to disfigure her very own human body, so you can camouflage the new markings one to pass on around the their own tummy one she are unable to see. Lourdes does not become home for the Cuba, she’s got overwhelming thoughts off problems when this woman is obligated to come back whenever Felicia passes away. She mocks their unique mom’s life therefore the remainder of the brand new Cubans with made a decision to stay. She cannot hold off to leave brand new isle and you can come back to their true family, when you look at the Ny.